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We cracked iPhone in Iran for the first time!
(Posted on 2007/08/27, 03:03:48)

Ok... this is my first blog post, at last we unlocked and I think that is great because no one did that before in Iran!Special thanks goes to my friend Bashir Khoshnevis, he is a hardware genius!I also want to thank Borhan for giving us a free iPhone to work on!
Question level 0 Excuse me, what is iphone?
Answer " I can not describe that wonderful thing, it is a cell phone but not an ordinary one! You can check it at iPhone official website! "
Question level 1 Sorry sir, what do you mean by unlocking iPhone?
Answer " Right now iPhone only works in US with ATandT sim card, unlocking iPhone means that you can call your friends with sim cards other than ATandT! "

Let's Start

It's time to see some pictures, I know you can not wait anymore...
Question level 0 But I can wait...
Answer " I was with people who know what is an iPhone! "
Ok, here is our iPhone...
The iPhone
and here we go
Starting iPhone
Started iPhone
Question level 4 Siavash, I can see two wires out of the iPhone, what are those?
Question level 2 That is surely the antenna :D
Answer " That is not an antenna you idiot! They are for hardware parts of unlocking, we added them ourselves, Ofcourse Bashir did that part, I can not even think of it :)) "
Question level 3 But I don't like iPhone with those things on it!
Answer " We don't like it either, we would remove them after the unlocking process is done :) "

Behind the scene - The hardware part

Let's see some behind the scene... Here is the first one...
Under the scene
Question level 0 Oh, is this the iPhone?
Answer " Ooooh, I think this is a wrong picture, this is mostly like under the scene, sorry, we go to the next one :)) "
Ok here we go
Behind the scene
Question level 2 Wowww, you also used a glass and a tray for unlocking iPhone!
Answer " oH... I don't have an answer... "
This is a closer look...
Behind the scene
Question level 5 As I know there should be a camera behind the hole on the back cover, but I can not see any.
Answer " Wow, you showed that you are a great iPhone fan and also a great electronic man... yes you are right, but we should remove the camera to remove some parts and reach the main boards "
Question level 4 Why main boards! I can only see one board!
Answer " There are two boards on each other, Apple's job was wonderful in this part, like all the other parts! "
Question level 2 I thought he was steve jobs!
Answer " It shows that you know a little about Apple, but your English is awful "
Question level 5 Can we have a closer look of the board?
Answer " Yes, ofcourse... "
Question level 5 Wow, that is really small!
Question level 2 It's not small at all, it is even bigger than a match box
Answer " Yes, ofcourse it is small! This is all the thing that controls iPhone, It is fantastic! "
Question level 5 So, how did you solder that thing? It is too small for soldering!
Answer " Not for Bashir :)) "
And this is also an interesting picture :))
Question level 4 Wowww, what are these?
Answer " What do you think? I don't know :)) "

Behind the scene - The software part

Question level 5 As I see you only did hardware related works, am I right?
Answer " Not totally! Actually software part is the hardest part, We did all the hardware related things to succeed in the software part! Here is us trying to do the software part :)) "
Question level 1 Wow, is that a criminal or something? It is censored :))
Answer " Which one? The one in the first picture is Bash, and the one in second one is Me... I don't think we are criminals, but we didn't wanted to be seen! "
Question level 2 Wow, what a messy room! You even don't have one drawer! That's awful!
Answer " Umm... Oh yes, you are right, we used that one as a table... "
That's it folks! Right now we have a working iPhone! It works with all the regular sim cards in Iran!
If you have any questions or comments you can post it at the bottom of this page...
We would make a website just for this purpose soon! So stay tuned!

Thank you

At last I want to thank Bashir again for his brilliant work on the hardware, I want to thank my little brother Arash joon, My mother and father and my two cousins Saied and Sepideh! Thank you so much!
Also special thanks goes to Moeen (masoft2002), George and Neutral!
And last but not least thanks to all the people around the world helping to have an unlocked iPhone sooner!

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