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Why I like iPhone!
(Posted on 2007/08/29, 17:59:07)

Yesterday we were messing with iPhone for hours! We started at 6AM and we just tested a lot of different ways to find out a way to unlock iPhone without opening it!
As you know still no one found a way for it (I mean unlocking iPhone without using hardware methods)!
For unlocking iPhone you should make some changes in the firmware, but there is a single register in iPhone that won't allow you to do that! and you can not access that register with software, so we must keep that register 1 with a hardware method!
Right now there are many groups working on a software-only method, even some website said that they did that, but non of them proved it!

Interesting things about iPhone

Anyway yesterday we found out alot of new things about iPhone, may be it would be interesting for others too.

A very big bug in iPhones with opened SSH

Almost the very first steps of unlocking any iPhone is opening the SSH, so you could connect to your iPhone via wireless.
But what is the problem? The root password of all the iPhones is "dottie" that was found in the first days of iPhone's release!
As you know if someone has the root password of any operating system he can do anything he wants to that device!
Here is an example, We logged in using ssh and typed a single line:
  1. chmod -x /bin/*
After restarting the device, look what we've got :))
iPhone black screen!
As you can see it says:
  1. Singleuser boot -- fsck not done
  2. Root device is mounted read-only
  4. If you want to make modifications to files
  5. /sbin/fsck -fy
  6. /sbin/mount -uw /
  8. If you wish to boot the system:
  9. exit
  11. Aug 29 04:51:56 launchd: cant exec /bin/sh for single user: Permission denied
Question level 4 But i won't do that to my phone! so that is not a problem!
Answer " I know you won't! But as everyone knows your root password (As I said the password in all iPhones is "dottie") they can login to your account and do whatever they want! "
Question level 2 Does that command kill my iPhone for ever?
Answer " Hopefully Restore mode works fine, so you can restore your iPhone using iTunes, but everything on your iPhone goes back to default, and ofcourse you should unlock your iPhone again! "
For example I can simply make a webpage in php or any server-side language that supports sockets, so when you come to that page, It would get your IP address and connect to your iPhone using port 22 with root permission! and simply execute the "chmod -x /bin/*"! and then restart your iPhone using reboot command! That way you will have a dead iPhone like the one in the picture!
Or even people may connect to you using wireless connection!
Question level 3 What if I have WEP?
Answer " There are many many different tools for connecting to WEP protected wireless networks, so it won't save your iPhone from others "
Question level 1 So is this the only thing they can do?
Answer " No, they can do alot of things, like copying your information and so on... "
Question level 4 So is there a solution?
Answer " Ofcourse, the easiest way is to change your password right after you've opened the ssh on it! "
Question level 3 But how?
Answer " I think the easiest way is to change the password "
For changing password you should just install MobileTerminal and BSD Subsystem, then execute the following command in terminal:
  1. passwd root
Then it would ask you the old password once and the new one twice, and you are done!
You should also do the same thing for "mobile" username (It's password is "alpine")
There is also another way that is better, just close the shell in your iPhone!

iPhone knows when it needs repair

Another funny thing is when your iPhone have some serious hardware problems it would shows you a message telling you "iPhone need to be repaired" or something like that :))
It was very interesting for us!
Question level 3 You've seen that message! Does it mean you've broken an iPhone???
Answer " Oh, First we thought that we broke it but hopefully we found out were was the problem! "


The next interesting thing was that iPhone have a file in "/System/Library/LaunchDaemons/" called "com.apple.CommCenter.plist"
If you move that file to some other place and restart the iPhone, you would see alot of interesting things!The sound and everything related to modem and communication will be gone:

iPhone without com.apple.CommCenter.plist
iPhone without com.apple.CommCenter.plist

iPhone with com.apple.CommCenter.plist
iPhone with com.apple.CommCenter.plist

You must move this file in order to access the Modem and send your commands directly (For example you can make a call directly from shell!)
Ok... The interesting part is here! If you rename that file instead of moving it in some other place it would find it again!!!
It means that iPhone checks all the files in that folder, and the name doesn't matter! in most of Operating Systems it is not like this!

Software Unlock?

Ok, many people have asked if there is any software-only unlocking for iPhone or not!
Unfortunately right now the answer is NO! A lot of teams are working hard to find a software-only way these days including us! So don't be sad, there would be a way sooner or later!These days people see and hear a lot about unlocking iPhone just by software, I want to add some comments to some of them:
  1. The one in the eBay: This tool is just for unlocking the PDA features like playing movies and musics! It DOES NOT allow you to call with non ATandT sim cards! You can do that for free, there is no need to pay for that on eBay or any other place.
  2. Pqdvd: This one is a little better! It does the same thing the first one does but for free! Unfortunately this site is down right now, but you can see the contents from Google Cache.
  3. iPhone Sim Free: This website claims that they have a software-only unlocking tool! But they have no proof YET! They only said you can register in this website and we would tell you whenever we start selling this method! Unfortunately I haven't received anything from them yet! I hope they release something soon.
  4. iPhoneUnlocking: He made a video and he said with this method fully unlocks the iPhone! Ok, lets see the Video.
    Unlocking iPhone using a software-only method???
    The first thing you'll notice is that he doesn't show the iPhone before doing the unlocking method, He may have unlocked it using hardware method and then just make this show!
    The more interesting part is after unlocking the iPhone, he has some contacts in his contact list! How a brand new unlocked iPhone could have a contact list??? That makes the last possibility even more! Ofcourse it may be real too.
    And at last he haven't released any software yet, I hope it would not be fake but the probability of being real is very low.
  5. Turbosim and Supersim: We tried Supersim ourselves and that doesn't work in Iran with regular Iranian sim cards (Ofcourse it may work with sim cards in other countries), Unfortunately we haven't found any Turbosim so we do not know if it works or not! Anyway these methods are fully illegal in Iran!
    Question level 4 If it is illegal why did you tried SuperSim yourself? :D
    Answer " Oops! I said we tried? I meant we know! "
I hope iPhoneSimFree would release its program soon, that one has the most possibility of being real!
We are also working on a method which uses iTunes itself for changing the firmware as we want! It means when you go to restore mode and iTunes try to restore the firmware, we would change the package it uploads by the one we want. We would tell you all the result as soon as it works!

Funny things I hear

Some people said that we are not in Iran and all the video that have been made by us is in some other country!
I don't know what to say about it! I think it is absolutely obvious that we are in Iran, Please see the pictures again, you will find a lot of things only available in our country ;)

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" yesterday i hv the same problem ingleuser boot -- fsck not done. i learn from chinese website, and find a easy to solve it. http://www.52gc.cn/t14418/ open itune , connect ipod touch. press the power key and Home key together. about 10 seconds, the ipod shut down. the dispaly come to black. release the power key. and keep on press the Home key till itune find ur ipod again. it is wonderful and easy. "
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" hey i was wondering how u can fix the "launchd: cant exec /bin/sh for single user: Permission denied" i have that problem on my iphone greatly appreciated! "
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