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Pinglish to Persian (Farsi) translator BETA!

How can I use this program?

Here are the steps for using this program:
  1. Enter your desired Pinglish text.
  2. Click on convert button!
  3. If some words are translated wrong, you can click on them and see all possible forms of that Pinglish word in Persian.
  4. Choose the right form of the Pinglish word from the list. The translator will learn the right form for furthur translations.
  5. If you like this program, tell your friends about it :).
Please feel free to use the Quick Comment (at the right of this page) for submiting Problems or Comments.

What is Pinglish?

Pinglish (also known as Pingilish, Finglish, Fingilish, Finglisi) is a term used to describe the way Persian words are written in Latin alphabet.
This type of writing is commonly used in Online chat, Emails and SMS.

What is this program?

This program is designed to translate Pinglish to Persian (Finglish to Farsi). It is still in beta version, and I hope it'll get better with your help everyday.